Profiling of the beneficial and potentially harmful components of Trichodesma indicum seed and seed oil obtained by ultrasound-assisted extraction

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The beneficial and potentially harmful bioactive components in the seeds and seed oil of Trichodesma indicum L. (Boraginaceae) were investigated in the present study. The T. indicum seeds were rich in oil (29.0%), phenolic compounds (PCs, 1881.2 mg/100 g) and pyrrolizidine alkaloids (PAs, 2,702,338 ng/g). Seven PCs were identified in T. indicum seeds by LC-Q-TOF-MS. Rosmarinic acid (67%) and isomers of salvianolic acid B/E/L (26%) were the main phenolics, while melitric acid A and sebestenoid C/D constituted 6% and 1%, respectively. Only a minor part of the total PCs and PAs was transferred…

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