Sciensano & respiratory syncytial virus (RSV)

Last updated on 19-10-2018 by Thibault Degiuli

RSV, the “respiratory syncytial virus”, is the virus at the origin of a very common respiratory infection in infants; however, it can occur at any age.  

What does Sciensano do ?

Sciensano carries out epidemiological surveillance of RSV infections by means of:

  • a sentinel network laboratories 
  • a National Respiratory Centre for respiratory pathogens. 

The sentinel network laboratories  includes half the microbiology laboratories in the country. They report on the number of cases diagnosed.  

The National Respiratory Centre for respiratory pathogens analyses samples coming from different hospitals and for which a more specific diagnosis is required.

DID YOU KNOW? Epidemiology is the study within a given population of the frequency (number of cases) and the geographical spread of diseases, the way in which they are transmitted or appear, as well as the risk factors which facilitate their appearance or affect their development. 

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