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Ms Brigitte CAY

Head of scientific service

Brigitte Cay graduated as bio-engineer from the Vrije Universiteit Brussel in 1984.  She started her career at NIDO (National Institute for Veterinary Research) in 1985 during the outbreak of African Swine Fever in Belgium.  Until 1997 she was assistant in the unit of “Swine Virology”.  From 1997 on Brigitte became responsible for tasks in the frame of the National Reference Laboratories for Aujeszky disease.  Always trying to optimize the diagnostic methods in the lab, she developed and implemented different PCR methods for the detection of porcine and equine viruses and implemented the accredidation system in the laboratory very early.

Since 2009 she became head of the unit ”Enzootic and re)emerging viral diseases” and responsible of the NRL for different diseases like African and Classical Swine Fever,  IBR, BVD,….   Besides the multiple tasks in the frame of the NRL,  many scientific projects were obtained that resulted in international recognition and different scientific papers and PhD thesises in her unit.

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