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Dr. Katelijne Matthys MD


Katelijne Matthys studied medicine at Ghent University and began her career as a family and school physician in East Flanders. A passion for science led her a few years later to the universities of New Jersey (Rutgers State University, NJ, USA) and Antwerp for a doctorate in medical sciences. Katelijne then held various medical positions in several innovative biotech and pharmaceutical companies, where her main interest was in the development and reimbursement of new medicines. Over the years, she became more and more interested in the overall situation of healthcare in Belgium, which led her to Sciensano in October 2021, where science and public health come together. Katelijne works as a scientist in the Department of Healthcare Associated Infections and Antibiotic Resistance. As a member of the ‘Outbreak Support Team’, she works closely with regional authorities and healthcare institutions to help control and eventually reduce outbreaks of healthcare-associated infections.

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