20 months of COVID crisis: chronic stress continues to peak with healthcare providers and caregivers

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Thursday, December 2, 2021
Last updated on 1-9-2022 by Marinka Vangenck

Healthcare providers and caregivers still experience symptoms of chronic stress to a large to very large extend after 20 months of the corona crisis. This persistent stress has a negative impact on their well-being. 28% of the participants are considering quitting their profession. The need for support remains high. These are the results of the fourth national ‘POWER TO CARE’ survey by Sciensano and KU Leuven, in which 786 healthcare professionals participated.

Between 21 September 2021 and 4 October 2021, 786 healthcare and caregiving professionals completed the fourth national online survey on their mental well-being. The pressure on those working in the healthcare and welfare industry was already high and increases even more during the COVID-19 crisis. Measuring their well-being is necessary to be able to respond to possible alarm signals.

The results of this fourth ‘POWER TO CARE’ survey are available in French and Dutch.  

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