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Project duration:
April 1, 2019
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In short

The Central Biobank Platform provides support to the different biobank modules of Sciensano. These Sciensano Biobank modules are available for internal and external scientists who want to do research involving human body material. Samples can be registered, stored and made available for scientific research, according to the applicable ethical and legal framework for biobanks.

Project description

Added scientific value:

The Central Biobank Platform and the Sciensano Biobank modules enable scientists to do research with human body material. We can offer advice and administrative as well as operational support to scientific projects that require a biobanking facility in accordance to the applicable legislations and guidelines. The Central Biobank Platform has built up the necessary expertise in order to provide a high-quality service to both internal and external users. Human body material samples can be registered, stored and made available to make scientific research possible. The objectives of the research therefore have to correspond to the objectives defined for an installed Sciensano Biobank module.

Added human and/or veterinary value:

The Central Biobank Platform and the Sciensano Biobank modules contribute to high-quality scientific research in the domain of public health. They thereby help scientific professionals to study various human health problems in today’s society.

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