REAL-V - Exploring the person-centredness of the Investigation to reveal the immune reaction upon COVID-vaccination in the Belgian cancer population: COVID protection and Vaccine safety study

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Project duration:
January 1, 2022
March 31, 2023

In short

Studies on the measurement of patient experience of trial participation is scarce. Notwithstanding that this type of measurement could improve trial design and delivery, recruitment, retention, long-term patient engagement with trials and overall enhance the patient-centeredness of trials. We aim to use the context of the REAL-V study to identify possible factors that are associated with the experiences of patients having participated to this covid-19 related vaccination trial. 

Project description

The expected outcome is to identify possible items for a Patient Reported Experience (PREM) measuring patient experience in a trial that could in a second phase be validated. To determine these items focus groups with patients participating to the last wave of REAL-V will be hold. During these group interviews the participants will be presented with the aspects identified in the literature associated with positive and negative trial participation experiences. 

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Marc Peeters
Leen De Kort

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