NRC Tuberc&myco - National Reference Center for tuberculosis and mycobacteria

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January 1, 1990
Project with no end date

In short

The National Reference Center (NRC) for tuberculosis and mycobacteria is a laboratory specialized in the microbiological diagnosis of tuberculosis and mycobacterioses, and in the molecular monitoring of tuberculosis.

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Project description

Our objectives are :

  • to diagnose mycobacterial infections and identify clinical strains (up to species level) using molecular techniques;
  • to confirm, upon request, the diagnosis made by peripheral clinical laboratories;
  • to conduct drug-sensitivity tests (molecular and bacteriological methods) for M. tuberculosis and nontuberculous mycobacteria;
  • to determine susceptibility to second-line antibiotics of multi-drug resistant M. tuberculosis strains;
  • to detect thepresence of latent tuberculosis in patients ;
  • to determine genetic fingerprintings to identify epidemics and transmission pathways of tuberculosis;
  • to organize annual quality control for the network of Belgian laboratories that perform mycobacterial diagnoses.

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