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3080 Tervuren

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Discover in a glimpse the services we offer at people and businesses.

Sciensano must implement all necessary measures to ensure the reliability of its work.

Discover Sciensano's activities by illustrating figures.

Sciensano is the point of contact for public health issues.

Working at Sciensano means contributing to our motto 'healthy all life long'.

5 scientific directorates supported by administrative offices.

For more than a century, Sciensano has been a reference in the field of health.

Sciensano responds to emergencies that may affect public health.

Sciensano is interested in partnering to further its public health mission.

Sciensano’s employees recognise their responsibilities and share core values.

Data play an increasingly important role in our daily lives, the public sector and businesses and ar

Would you like to support Sciensano in its research requests?