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Assessing and monitoring the performance of medical and veterinary laboratories

Our service is responsible for assessing and performing quality controls in medical and veterinary laboratories in Belgium. We perform medical laboratory controls in two ways: external quality assessments for both medical and veterinary laboratories, on the one hand, and the legal recognition by the granting of a license for medical laboratories, on the other hand.

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  • External Quality Assessments
    We organise a mandatory external quality assessment programme in various fields covered by veterinary laboratories, medical laboratories for clinical biology and pathological anatomy. Our objective assessments are based on robust statistical calculations and aim to constantly improve the quality of laboratory analyses. These assessments enable laboratories to assess their own results and to compare their methods with those of other laboratories. Due to the rapid evolution of this field, we adapt our external quality controls on an ongoing basis and inspect approved laboratories on the basis of innovations, scientific knowledge, methods and technologies.

  • Medical Laboratory Approvals
    Approval is granted only if all legal quality requirements are met. As part of the approval, the missions of our service also include conducting on-site inspections.

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