HAV virus detection by qPCR

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Please fill in entirely the request form from the NRC for all analysis requests. You can download it below.



Hepatitis A Virus (HAV)

Assay description

LOINC Code : 7904-6

Details : 

In house PCR.

The protocol used is based on https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jcv.2014.06.027 (Kodani et al. 2014. Rapid and sensitive approach to simultaneous detection of genomes of hepatitis A, B, C, D and E viruses, Journal of Clinical Virology, 61 (2): 260-264).

Results : 

Qualitative (positive/negative/undetermined).

In case of an undetermined result, the collection and the shipment of a second sample is recommended.

Cq value is given for information purposes. It does not give any information on the viral load. The more a Cq value is high, the less the viral load is high and vice-versa.

Accreditation : 

Accredited assay.

ISO 15189 | Quality and competence in medical laboratories

Aim of the assay 

HAV RNA detection by PCR.

The viremia window covers the period of ~2 weeks before to 1~3 months after symptoms onset (https://www.health.gov.au/diseases/hepatitis-a).

Diagnosis of an active HAV infection in a patient presenting with symptoms of hepatitis.


Patient with symptoms of hepatitis and/or abnormal lab values.

The requesting lab must mention the clinical details on the request form.

HAV PCR is automatically performed in case of positive/undetermined HAV-IgM performed in our laboratory. Reporting is done once the analysis is finished.

Instructions related to sample

Type : Serum

Conservatory and shipment conditions : 

Conservation at 4°C before shipment.

Shipment at ambient temperature as soon as possible in a hermetic three layer package.

Requested quantities :

Preferred : 1 ml.

Minimal requirements : 0,5 ml.

Rejected request

Sample with insufficient volume.

Turnaround time

TAT : 7 opening days


An analysis report can be sent by regular mail, e-mail, fax ou eHealth Box for each analysis request.


Pathogen info

Hepatitis A virus


Is the analysis accredited?

Materials and methods

Method reference: 
SOP 13/3/92/F

Turnaround time and time slots

Turnaround time: 
7 days

Service in charge of the analysis

Contact person(s)

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Analysis categories


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