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Anticipating, assessing and controlling viral threats

We detect, identify and monitor the evolution of viruses responsible for infectious diseases in humans, such as influenza virus, hepatitis viruses, measles, rubella, mumps or rabies virus. We monitor the potential threats of poorly known, new, emerging or re-ermerging viruses at international level, and proactively assess the associated risks. We offer technical support via our laboratories and the appropriate advice to health authorities on an ongoing basis to help them effectively to control and counter viral diseases.

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We are recognised as a national reference centre for several emerging viruses or viruses likely to trigger outbreaks or epidemics of certain diseases. We also conduct innovative research for a better understanding of these viruses and the diseases for which they are responsible. Our research leads to better methods of prevention, treatment and control of viral diseases. We have the expertise and infrastructure to work safely with dangerous viruses.

We develop new methods for the detection and identification of emerging viruses, based on open detection assays and the analysis of genetic characteristics. In the event of an epidemic, we are thus able to quickly identify the virus(es) responsible and their mode(s) of transmission, while anticipating their evolution over time.

We also work with epidemiologists to develop structured systems to monitor viral diseases using powerful statistical tools. We also study the efficacy of antiviral vaccines and medicines, and advise authorities on the optimal composition of antiviral vaccines.

We are pioneers in the application of the ‘One Health’ concept that strengthens the links between human health, animal health and environmental management. With this in mind, we work with veterinarians and conservation associations to detect viruses affecting wild and domestic animals that can cause infectious diseases in humans. 

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We have a long standing experience in the detection of various pathogens in humans, both via serology and direct detection methods (microscopy, PCR, etc.).

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