HEV virus detection by qPCR

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Please fill in entirely the request form from the NRC for all analysis requests. You can download it below.



Hepatitis E Virus (HEV)

Assay description

LOINC Code : 

  • 90460-7
  • 69961-1

Details : 

Assay perfomed with a commercial PCR kit : RealStar HEV RT-PCR 2.0 (Altona Diagnostics).

Results : 

Quantitative (IU/mL et log IU/mL).

The result of the quantification is only reported if the viral load is comprised between the limits of quantification defined by the standard curve (2500 IU/mL – 2 500 000 IU/mL).

If the viral load is lower than the lower limit of quantification or above the upper limit of quantification that are defined by the standard curve, the result of the quantification will be given for information purpose only.

The limit of detection of our assay is of 288 IU/mL.

Accreditation : 

Accredited assay.

ISO 15189 | Quality and competence in medical laboratories

Aim of the assay 

HEV RNA detection by real time quantitative PCR.

In case of acute hepatitis, the viremia window covers the period ~2 weeks after the infection (preceding thus the onset of symptoms) and can persist 1-2 months. In case of chronic hepatitis, HEV RNA can be detected for several years (reference : ECDC).

Diagnosis of an active HEV infection in a patient presenting with symptoms of hepatitis.

The follow-up of patient suffering from chronic HEV is recommended.


In case of acute infection, patient :

  • With positive anti-HEV IgM. In this case, the requesting lab must mention their results on the request form.
  • Is immunosuppressed. In this case, the requesting lab must mention it on the request form.
  • For which there is a strong suspicion of acute infection or re-infection. In this case, the requesting lab must motivate the reason on the request form.

In case of chronic infection, the requesting lab must mention it on the request form.

HEV PCR is automatically performed in case of positive/undetermined HEV-IgM performed in our laboratory. Reporting is done once the analysis is finished.

Instructions related to sample

Type : Serum

Conservatory and shipment conditions : 

Conservation at 4°C before shipment.

Shipment at ambient temperature as soon as possible in a hermetic three layer package.

Requested quantities :

Preferred : 1 ml.

Minimal requirements : 0,5 ml.

Rejected request

Sample with insufficient volume.

Turnaround time

TAT : 7 opening days


An analysis report can be sent by regular mail, e-mail, fax ou eHealth Box for each analysis request.


Pathogen info

Hepatitis E virus


Is the analysis accredited?

Materials and methods

Method reference: 
SOP 13/3/98/F

Turnaround time and time slots

Turnaround time: 
8 days

Service in charge of the analysis

Contact person(s)

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