The influence of lifestyle choices (food, alcohol, smoking) on the blood concentration of Cd, Pb and Hg of newborns, adolescents and adults from Wallonia

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AIM In the present study, we assessed (cord)blood concentrations of toxic metals (cadmium [Cd], total mercury [Hg], and lead [Pb] in a representative sample of different age groups (newborns, adolescents and adults) of the Walloon population in Belgium. We examined the associations of Cd, total Hg and Pb with habitual intakes of fish and alcohol and other possible determinants such as age, sex and smoking. MATERIAL AND METHODS We analysed blood concentrations of Cd, total Hg, and Pb in a sample of 284 newborns, 283 adolescents (aged 12-19) and 261 adults (aged 20-39) for the BMH-WAL

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