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Assessing the endocrine activity of PAHs using the DRE-, ERE- and PPARγ CALUX bioassays, Imke, Boonen, Annelies Van Heyst, Van Langenhove Kersten, Van Hoeck Els, Birgit Mertens, Elskens Marc, and Demaegdt Heidi , IMEKOFOODS 4 , 16/09/2019, (2019)
Endocrine activity of PAHs, Imke, Boonen, Demaegdt Heidi, and Elskens Marc , 12th Biodetectors conference 2019, 16/09/2019, (2019)
Migration of mineral oil from cardboard packaging for food: Identification of the hazards and assessment of the exposure of the Belgian population, , Van Heyst A., Goscinny Séverine, Elskens M, Demaegdt Heidi, S Vandevijvere, S Bel, I Boonen, and Van Hoeck Els , 2019, (2019)
Mineral oil migration from cardboard food contact materials: Hazard identification and exposure assessment of the Belgian population, Van Heyst, Annelies, Mertens Birgit, Goscinny Séverine, M Elskens, Demaegdt Heidi, De Ridder Karin, Van Den Houwe Kathy, I Boonen, K Van Langenhove, J Van de Maele, et al. , 2019, (2019)
Release of trace elements from porcelain enameled table- and cookware, Demaegdt, Heidi, and Cheyns Karlien , 1st GHI World Congress on Food Safety and Security, 2019, Leyden, The Netherlands, (2019)
Release of trace elements from porcelain enameled tableware, Cheyns, Karlien, and Demaegdt Heidi , 4th IMEKOFOODS conference , 2019, Tervuren, Belgium, (2019)