Intake of food supplements based on algae or cyanobacteria may pose a health risk due to elevated concentrations of arsenic species.

Last updated on 16-3-2021 by Nadia Waegeneers

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Despite the health benefits of food supplements (FS) based on algae or cyanobacteria, the elevated arsenic (As) concentrations in these FS may raise a health concern. In the present study 33 FS containing algae or cyanobacteria were collected and As (species) were analysed to estimate consumer exposure. Based on hazard and exposure data, potential risks were evaluated using inorganic arsenic (As) and the potentially toxic As fraction (As minus arsenobetaine (AB)). As concentrations were in the range 0.053-57 mg/kg with highest concentrations in FS containing brown algae. As concentrations w…

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