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Characterization of Nanoparticles: Measurement Processes for Nanoparticles : Characterization of nanomaterials by transmission electron microscopy: Measurement procedures, Mast, Jan, Verleysen Eveline, Hodoroaba Vasile-Dan, and Kaegi Ralf , Characterization of nanomaterials by transmission electron microscopy: Measurement procedures, 2020, (2020)
Increased surface area of halloysite nanotubes due to surface modification predicts lung inflammation and acute phase response after pulmonary exposure in mice, Klingenberg, Barfod, Kenneth, Maria Bendtsen, Katja, Trine Berthing, Joonas Koivisto, Antti, S Poulsen, Sarah, Ester Segal, Verleysen Eveline, Mast Jan, Andreas Holländer, Alstrup Jensen, Keld, et al. , Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, Jan-01-2020, Volume 73, (2020)
OVEREENKOMST 2018 ter uitvoering van een studie “Nalevingscontrole en inhoudelijke evaluatie van de registratie van stoffen geproduceerd in nanoparticulaire toestand volgens KB 27 mei 2014”, Mathioudaki, Stella, Verleysen Eveline, and Mast Jan , 05/2020, Brussels, Belgium, p.49, (2020)
Particle size analysis of pristine food-grade titanium dioxide and E 171 in confectionery products: Interlaboratory testing of a single-particle ICP-MS screening method and confirmation with transmission electron microscopy, Otmar, Geiss, Ivana Bianchi, Chiara Senaldi, Guillaume Bucher, Verleysen Eveline, Waegeneers Nadia, Frederic Brassinne, Jan Mast, Katrin Loeschner, Janja Vidmar, et al. , Food Control, Jan-02-2020, Volume 120, (2020)
Physico-chemical characterisation of the fraction of silver (nano)particles in pristine food additive E174 and in E174-containing confectionery., Sandra, De Vos, Waegeneers Nadia, Verleysen Eveline, Karen Smeets, and Jan Mast , Food Addit Contam Part A Chem Anal Control Expo Risk Assess, 2020 Sep 18, (2