Care4Diabetes for the participants

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What is Care4Diabetes?

The Care4Diabetes project, inspired by the Dutch project Reverse Diabetes 2 Now by the Voeding Leeft foundation, is a program based on four fundamental pillars:

  • nutrition

  • physical activity
  • relaxation
  • and sleep.

In a small group of no more than 15 people, you will actively participate in a range of workshops and activities run by a nurse, a dietitian or a coach, all with a view to optimizing the management of your diabetes.

By participating in the Care4Diabetes project, you will also help to improve research on type 2 diabetes; over the course of the program, certain parameters will be evaluated to assess the benefits of the program for the participants.

Watch the video on the program conducted in the Netherlands 

Professor and endocrinologist Hanno Pijl’s opinion on video.

Is this program right for me?

If you are between 20 and 80 years old, if you have been affected by type 2 diabetes for less than 6 years and you live near Dinant or Marche-en-Famenne, you can take part in the program.

How long will the program last?

The entire program will last a year, with 5 days in the group staggered over the first 6 months (including two consecutive days) and one refresher day in the 12th month.

Where will the program take place?

The sessions will be held either at RML UOAD near Dinant, or at the Maison du Diabète near Marche-en-Famenne. Please note that the Care4Diabetes program is being rolled out in several EU countries and is receiving financial support from the European Commission.

To find out more: contact us by email at the following address: or directly by phone on:

  • RML UOAD: 0476 96 44 85
  • Maison du Diabète: 084 41 10 00

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