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February 1, 2023
January 1, 2026

In short

Type 2 diabetes is increasing throughout the world. Medicines are still the main way to treat type 2 diabetes, but do not cure the disease. An intensive program based on:

  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • sleep
  • relaxation through knowledge
  • shared experience
  • and activities

has shown that it has been possible to improve, or even treat, type 2 diabetes.

Are you participating in the Care4Diabetes project? Then be sure to consult our Care4Diabetes participants’ web page.

Project description

In 2030, it is anticipated that 67 million people in Europe will suffer from diabetes. Diabetes is one of the main causes of disability and premature death. It has been shown that multi-dimensional interventions aimed at changing habits and which are delivered by multi-disciplinary teams can partially or entirely reverse type 2 diabetes, offering the possibility to improve patients’ health while reducing the cost of treatments. Thus, as part of a joint European action, the objective of the Care4Diabetes project is to improve the health and well-being of people affected by type 2 diabetes in Wallonia by strengthening early intervention through the implementation of intensive, multi-dimensional education programs. The project is a multi-disciplinary intervention, the objective of which is to change the habits of patients affected by type 2 diabetes in Wallonia based on proven “good practice” that has been recognized by the relevant European bodies. The objective of this study isto improve the health and well-being of people affected by type 2 diabetes through a change in lifestyle and consumption habits and to offer real treatment possibilities. This study is aimed at anyone aged between 20 and 80 who is affected by type 2 diabetes. This type of study will make it possible to reinforce the implementation of non-medical interventions, based on lifestyle changes, within the health care system. 

The pilot programs are based on a Dutch practice, Reverse Diabetes 2 Now, awarded best practice by the European Union. This program comprises four components:

  • nutrition
  • physical activity
  • sleep
  • and relaxation

The pilot programs will provide a general overview of reinforcing the capacity of the health system by moving towards more innovative and integrated secondary prevention interventions against type 2 diabetes, based on changing habits to improve patients’ health and well-being and reduce the cost of health care. Furthermore, the transferability of this best practice will make it possible to gain knowledge of the obstacles and facilitators for implementing multidisciplinary intensive education programs in Wallonia.

The Care 4 Diabetes project is based on the Reverse Diabetes 2 Now program.

Find out about the program in this video from the Dutch organisation ‘Voeding Leeft’.

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