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Generating and valorising health information to support public health policy

The service Health information comprises more than 80 scientists working in 5 units. The mission of the Service consists of 3 key elements:

We contribute to, valorise, and strengthen the Belgian and European health information systems

We conduct a number of impactful surveys and monitoring activities, such as the Health Interview Survey, the Food Consumption Survey, the Nutritrack-branded Food Composition Monitor, the Treatment Demand Indicator Register, and the Belgian Early Warning System on Drugs. We valorise these and other data sources within the Belgian health information system to assess the state of public health and answer policy-relevant research questions. We also use our experience and expertise to strengthen the Belgian and European health information system.  

We take on a broad and multi-disciplinary view on public health

We generate and valorise health information to monitor the overall state of public health and health inequalities in Belgium. Our projects and activities cover a wide range of diseases and determinants. We have a specific expertise in the epidemiology of chronic diseases, impacting life expectancy and good health. When studying a specific disorder, we take a holistic view by addressing the structural, societal and social context that contributes to the burden of disease.

We provide pro-active policy support, by putting current evidence into context and by evaluating health policy

The results of our work enable decision makers to effectively steer their public health policies on the basis of concrete and objective data. We put health information into context by prioritising diseases and risk factors via our Belgian national burden of disease study. We exchange health information knowledge and expertise through European projects. We furthermore evaluate current health policies, and provide evidence-based support for establishing future health policies, via health impact assessment and foresight studies.

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Study day health information and policy 

Our Service organises an annual study day on health information and policy. On his study day we:

  • bring together key players of the Belgian health information system
  • provide an opportunity to discuss common developments and challenges
  • provide ample time for networking

Study day 2023: How can health data and local policy interact successfully?
Study day 2022: Health information and policy

Request for statistical analysis

We have extensive experience in the statistical analysis of data arising from health and nutritional surveys.

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