SPMA - Standardized Procedures of Mortality Analysis

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January 1, 2002
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In short

The SPMA (Standardized Procedures for Mortality Analysis) web application allows scientific researchers and public health policy makers to analyse Belgian population, birth and death statistics (so called ‘vital statistics’) by year in an interactive and user-friendly way.

Project description

SPMA aims at optimising access to existing sources of health information  in order to measure and follow-up the health status of the Belgian population.

Originally developed as an MSDOS application in the early 1990s, SPMA was turned into a web-based tool in 2002. As such it started to fully serve its principal objective, i.e.  facilitating the use of vital statistical data in public health policy and scientific research.

Since 1991 Statbel provides the source data, more specifically the population, birth and mortality data to feed SPMA. SPMA functions as an interface between these data on the one hand and the internet module of the statistical package SAS® on the other hand.


All vital statistics are available via the interactive SPMA tool, which can be used to conduct your own analyses.

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