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Sabine Drieskens BSc


Sabine Drieskens joined Sciensano’s Surveys, Lifestyle and Chronic Diseases department on 24 October 1991. She first worked at the Centre for Operational Research in Public Health, in the field of birth statistics and causes of death. Since the early 2000s, she works for the National Health Interview Survey. Her current work includes statistical analysis of data with SAS, creating reports for the health survey. In addition, she develops the CAPI (Computer Assisted Personal Interview) programs with the BLAISE software. Sabine has also created online surveys for the health survey (a.o. with BLAISE). She has created an interactive website to calculate the vital statistics and to show the figures of the health survey. Since she started at Sciensano, she has developed expertise in obesity, nutritional status, nutritional habits, physical pain, violence, physical activity, non-conventional medicine, paramedical care providers, social services,…). Sabine Drieskens obtained a bachelor’s degree in chemical sciences at the Katholieke Industriële Hoge School Limburg (KIHL) in Diepenbeek. 

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