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Sciensano hosts the brucellosis national reference laboratory (NRL) for animal brucellosis and the national reference centre (CNR) for human brucellosis. In this context, we carry out certified tests to ensure the diagnosis of brucellosis. We also improve this diagnosis and study its virulence to better control it. Finally, we collaborate with international partners to ensure that Belgium remains officially free of the disease.

Diagnosis | performing certified tests to ensure the diagnosis of the disease

For the animal aspect, we carry out the serological and bacteriological diagnosis with the tests recommended by the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health). We perform these tests in line with the requirements of ISO17025. We complete our diagnosis with molecular tools allowing the typing of the bacterium. 

For the human aspect, we use the serological and bacteriological tests recommended by the WHO (World Health Organization). These tests are performed in parallel or in series in order to provide a robust diagnosis according to the requirements of ISO15189. We also perform molecular typing, which allows us to trace the origin of the infection and the probable geographical area of contamination.

Research | improving diagnosis and studying virulence to better control it

We pursue two main lines of research: firstly, the development and improvement of the serological diagnosis and, secondly, thanks to the control of the models of experimental infection, the study of the virulence of the different strains of brucella.

Expertise | ensuring that Belgium remains officially free of the disease and collaborating with international partners

Our expertise in all diagnostic techniques for brucellosis is used to ensure that Belgium is and remains officially free of the disease. This expertise is also appreciated in the context of collaborations with developing countries and for the study of brucellosis in wildlife (marine and terrestrial mammals).

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