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Given the need for disease burden estimates to guide decision-making processes within the health sector and the limitations of the available burden estimates, Sciensano leads the Belgian National Burden of Disease Study (BeBOD), which provides a coherent framework for routinely quantifying the burden of disease in Belgium using the Disability-Adjusted Life Year (DALY) metric.

To achieve this aim and to ensure uptake of the resulting disease burden estimates, the BeBOD project works on:

  • Developing capacity on the calculation of DALYs, e.g. through the organisation of DALY calculation workshops
  • Initiation, support and harmonisation of DALY estimation initiatives
  • Interaction with local stakeholders to enhance support, understanding, and use of the disease burden estimates
  • Interaction with national burden of disease studies in other countries and with related international activities (such as the WHO/EURO European Burden of Disease Network).

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