Sciensano & Life expectancy

Last updated on 27-11-2019 by Daisy Tysmans

One of the key objectives of Sciensano is to monitor the population’s health using relevant indicators. One of those is life expectancy.

An important activity of Sciensano in this domain is the estimation of mortality indicators. The results of those estimations can be found on our interactive Standardized Procedures for Mortality Analysis (SPMA) tool that allows users to access an extended set of standard mortality indicators, including Life expectancy. We update the underlying database each year with new demographic and vital statistical data provided by Statistics Belgium.  

Furthermore, Sciensano develops a Health Status Report for Belgium. In this report, “Life Expectancy” is used as one of the important measures of population health. This will provide health authorities with a global view of the average longevity in the country as compared with previous years and other countries.

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