National Reference Center (NRC) for Enterovirus, including polioviruses and parechoviruses

Important message (20/07/2023):

Call to send enterovirus-positive lumbar fluids for typing

From surrounding European countries, there are worrying signals of multiple enterovirus types increasing, specifically in certain populations such as neonates. We cannot so far confirm these signals for Belgium, however, this may partly be due to the fact that surveillance for enteroviruses is not optimal. As part of our reference function, we would therefore also like to ask that all lumbar fluids for which a positive enterovirus result is obtained be sent for further typing. Enterovirus-positive lumbar fluids detected by syndromic panels may also be sent, even if the result is relatively weakly positive. We ask that a volume of 200 µl be sent along with our completed request form. If there is no residual volume of lumbar fluid or extract remaining, a respiratory sample (e.g. NF swab) or stool sample may certainly be sent for this patient as well, stating that there was a positive result for lumbar fluid in the forwarding lab. We hope in this way to improve the surveillance of enteroviruses in Belgium.

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At the bottom of this page, you can find the NRC reports.

You can consult the accompanying epidemiological surveillance reports at: Health topic Poliomyelitis (polio), Health topic Vaccine-preventable diseases

The slides of the information session (27/04/2023) regarding the activities of the NRC Enterovirus can be consulted via: Information session April 2023

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