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Dr. ir. Jan Mast PhD

Head of Service

Jan Mast graduated in 1991 from KULeuven as an agricultural engineer. From 1992 to 1999, he was assistant of professor BM Goddeeris at the research unit “Immunology” of the “Laboratory of Fysiology and Immunology of Domestic Animals” of KULeuven, where, in 1998, he obtained his PhD in Applied Biological Sciences entitled “Organization of lymphoid structures of chicken and ontogeny of its immunocompetence”.

In 1999, he started at CODA-CERVA, the predeccessor of Sciensano, as a scientist in the department “Avian Virology in Biotechnology” working on the research project “Development of avian vaccines applicable in ovo for the profylaxis and control of Newcastle disease in poultry “.

In 2000, he became head of the “Electron Microscopy” unit of CODA-CERVA working on the electronic microscopic characterization of infectious agents and nanomaterials. Currently, he is head a.i. of the service “Trace Elements and Nanomaterials” of Sciensano.

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