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Dr. Josephine Lantoine PhD

Scientific collaborator

After a thesis on the development of “in vitro” neuronal networks for the study of neuroinflammation and neuronal plasticity (“Microengineering neuronal networks for studying neuronal plasticity and neuroinflammation”), I am currently working in the service of  Quality of laboratories in Sciensano in the context of the Belgian Plan for rare diseases.

In this Belgian Plan, there  are 20 actions for the improvement of the care of the patients concerned by a rare disease.

I am working on the action 2 related to the quality in the Belgian centers of human genetics. With a group of experts composed of members from the 8 centers, we are currently working on the financing and harmonization of their participation to external quality assessment schemes. This financing will be developped by the National Institute for Health and Disability Insurance in the context of the Belgian Plan.

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