A second life for your health data? Have your say!

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
Last updated on 28-1-2022 by Hanne Reyners

What is your opinion about the use of your health data? On 28 January 2022, the 15th World Data Protection Day takes place: a reminder of the importance of protecting our privacy as our data is constantly being processed. The use and sharing of sensitive health data represents an opportunity beyond individual care to improve public health and the quality of care and treatment received and this within a regulated and secure framework to ensure our essential right to privacy. 

To ensure that this framework is in line with the values of the general public, the EU-funded project “Towards a European Health Data Space” (TEHDAS) and the Belgian project “Towards the development of a National Health Data Platform” (AHEAD) have launched an online consultation. The goal is to inform citizens about health data reuse. This has already resulted in 200 contributions from European citizens.

Have your say!

What is your opinion about the use of your health data? Grab the opportunity now and participate to our online consultation to learn more and have your say about your health data! Express how and under what conditions you think your data should be used and what your role should be in the future management of this data at the national and European level.

Participate now

The results of the online citizen consultation will feed into future recommendations for the European Commission and Member States on how data should be protected and how the public should be involved in the governance of health data use and sharing.  

This citizen engagement initiative is coordinated by Sciensano in Belgium, the Health Data Hub in France and the NHS confederation in the UK.

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