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Tuesday, December 8, 2020
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Are you a care or helping professional, or an informal caregiver? Participate in the survey “POWER TO CARE”. This survey studies your well-being and your support needs.

Complete the survey

Are you 18 or older and living in Belgium? Then complete our survey before the 15th of December 2020. This will only take 15 minutes of your time and your participation really makes a difference.

The questionnaire is also available in Dutch, French and German.

Why this survey?

Today, it is clear that the pressure on care professionals, helping professionals and informal caregivers is high. That is why they deserve all our support in order to have and maintain the necessary strength. Only with strength can they provide care. Strength to provide the care that their patients, residents and family members deserve every day. Strength to care for each other among colleagues or peers.

The national survey “POWER TO CARE provides objective information about the well-being of care professionals, helping professionals and informal caregivers, as well as their need for support. Policymakers and managers can use this information to take targeted actions to improve well-being.

The P²C survey is an initiative of Sciensano and KU Leuven with Zorgnet-Icuro, Steunpunt Geestelijke Gezondheid/Te gek!?, Santhea, Unessa and GIBBIS as their partners.

Sharing is caring

Thanks for sharing our survey as widely as possible among your colleagues, friends, and family who are care or helping professionals, or informal caregivers (who are 18 or older and live in Belgium). We are counting on you! 

Who initiated this study?

The survey “POWER TO CARE” is an initiative of Sciensano, the Belgian institute of health, and KU Leuven, led by the following researchers: Stefaan Demarest, Kris Doggen, Kris Vanhaecht and Stephan Claes.

Protection of your data and rights

Participation is totally voluntary and you can decide to discontinue your participation at any time. The information you provide via the questionnaire will only be used for the goals mentioned above. Sciensano will only use this information to compile general statistics. Scientific publications can be created based on the results of the research, but your individual data will never be passed on to third parties.

Questions or complaints about data protection

If you have any question about data protection, please contact the Sciensano Data Protection Officer via or 02/642 51 02. If you have a complaint about how your data is being processed, you can contact the Belgian data protection authority: Drukpersstraat 35 — 1000 Brussels — Tel.: 02/274 48 00 — e-mail:


If you would like additional information or if you experience a technical problem, you can always contact us!

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