Sciensano scientist advises European Commission on cancer screening

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Thursday, August 4, 2022
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Cancer is a leading cause of death in Europe, and its prevalence is set to increase with an ageing population. Cancer is an individual diagnosis that has a significant impact on patients, but it also severely affects the lives of their families and friends. In addition, cancer also has a huge economic impact. Reducing cancer and its consequences therefore is a key priority for the European Commission (EC), which has recently presented “Europe’s Beating Cancer Plan”.

Scientists of the Working Group of Science Advice for Policy by European Academies (SAPEA), among which Sciensano’s Dr. Marc Arbyn, a leading scientist in the area of cervical cancer, have written an Evidence Review Report as part of the EU’s Scientific Opinion on Cancer Screening in Europe. The latter opinion will ensure that the latest available scientific evidence is reflected in the EC’s upcoming proposal to update the 2003 Council Recommendation on cancer screening.

Professor Nicole Grobert, Chair of the EC’s Group of Chief Scientific Advisors and Ms Annabelle Ascher, from the EC’s Chief Scientific Advisors office, expressed their gratitude towards Dr. Arbyn and the other involved scientists, as “their participation has been crucial for the independence, quality and relevance of the scientific advice provided”.

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