Faced with the scope and diversity of cancers, the fight is intensifying on all fronts, from prevention to rehabilitation, via the implementation of new technologies. Research is progressing, with medicine becoming more personalized and different actors coordinating their efforts to reinforce the fight.

What is cancer? 

The word “cancer” is a generic term for a large group of diseases that can affect any part of the body. This also refers to malignant tumors and neoplasms. A characteristic feature of cancer is the rapid multiplication of abnormal cells with unusual growth, which can then invade neighboring parts of the body and migrate to other organs. This is then called metastasis and is the leading cause of death from cancer.

Each type of cancer has its own characteristics. Breast cancer, for example, is a completely different disease than lung cancer. These different types develop at different rates and respond to different treatments.
Different types of cancer can occur even within a single organ. There are many different forms of breast and lung cancer. Treatment must therefore always be adapted to the particular characteristics of each type of cancer.

For more information about our work on cancer, research and support to policymakers, please visit the Cancer centre’s service page. 

The Sciensano Cancer Centre supports and facilitates the actors involved in the fight against cancer with the scientific expertise of these researchers as well as other leading figures, healthcare professionals, patients, research and knowledge centres, etc. Sciensano is involved in all areas of cancer: prevention, screening, treatment, rehabilitation, psychosocial care, organization of care, quality of care, ethics, database, etc. Sciensano coordinates and facilitates the work of the actors with scientific expertise involved in the fight against cancer. 

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