What is the health status of the Belgian population?

Published on: 
Monday, February 14, 2022
Last updated on 15-2-2022 by Marinka Vangenck

Since 2019, Sciensano has been combining the results of various studies and sources via the online ‘Health Status Report’ to estimate how healthy the Belgian inhabitants are. In general, we are rather healthy, but in some areas, such as mental health, we do not score very well. The COVID-19 crisis also had a clear impact on our health. In addition, important health inequalities remain, both at regional and socio-economic level.

We summarise the most important results on the health status of the Belgian population in a PDF report. However, we recommend consulting the Health Status Report online via the website www.healthybelgium.be for the most recent and extensive health information.

Read more about the Belgian Health Status Project

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