Without action, the dream of a ‘tobacco-free generation by 2040' goes up in smoke

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Wednesday, July 12, 2023
Last updated on 12-7-2023 by Wesley Van Dessel

Belgium has the ambition to drastically reduce tobacco use among the population by 2040 and achieve that no young person starts using tobacco (tobacco-free generation). New projections from Sciensano indicate that actions are needed to achieve those targets.

Tobacco use leads to a high number of preventable deaths and diseases worldwide, including in Belgium. Sciensano has been monitoring the evolution of tobacco use in Belgium through the National Health Interview Survey since 1997. This data allowed us to create a modeled time-series on trends of tobacco use. The time-series fills in the gaps in missing data and serves as the basis for developing projections. 

Consult our factsheet for the key findings.

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