AMR-human - Antibiotics and resistance

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January 1, 1960
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In short

Our team closely monitors the resistance to antibiotics of a representative number of bacteria under surveillance in our national reference centers (NRC) , monitors the genetic mechanisms responsible for antibiotic resistance and coordinates the quality control of therapeutic bacteriophages.

Project description

We expose the bacteria to a large number of antibiotics to identify the molecules that preserve their efficacy. The results are then logged in annual reports and scientific publications, and serve as the basis for therapeutic recommendations made by various health authorities.

Alongside that, we elucidate the genetic mechanisms underlying this resistance with a view to refining our knowledge of resistance mechanisms to the drugs in bacteria circulating in Belgium.

We also participate in (inter)national projects that focus on monitoring antibiotic resistance, the development of new diagnostic methods and the implementation of cutting-edge technologies in this field.

Since 2018, we also coordinate the quality control of the therapeutic bacteriophages used in pharmaceutical preparations.

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