Over5G - Contribution to the health-related information content of the Belgian 5G knowledge and learning platform

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Project duration:
September 24, 2021
September 23, 2025

In short

The deployment of the 5G network raises questions related to its possible impact on health and the environment, and in terms of economy, ecology, data security … To give clear answers to all these questions, a 5G knowledge and learning platform has been put online. Sciensano collaborates in the development of health-related content by reporting information published in scientific journals.

Project description

5G knowledge platform

When introducing new technologies such as 5G, the safety and health of citizens is the first priority. Therefore, scientific bodies did thoroughly study and evaluate risks and possible health effects. But the deployment of 5G also raises questions in terms of its impact on the environment and in terms of economy, ecology, data security, etc. It is in this context that a 5G knowledge and learning platform (available in Dutch, French and German) has been launched online, on the initiative of the Federal Government, the Flemish, Walloon and Brussels governments, the Federal Public Service of Health and the Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (BIPT). 

Safety and health

Sciensano collaborates in the development and keeps the health-related contents up to date. We share the results of our own work and critically analyse the data published in scientific journals. 

Clear information for everyone

To provide clear information, data from scientific journals is processed. In this way the results of public and animal health as well as the advantages and limits of the methodologies used are more accessible. 

In addition, Sciensano provides answers to health-related questions raised by the authorities and citizens in the context of the 5G platform. Eventually, a FAQ with the most frequently asked questions will also be developed.

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Nathalie Dumont
Jimmy Smedt

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