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Assess health risks associated with chemical, physical and biological non-infectious agents

We evaluate the impact of the environment on our health. We focus on chemical substances (including food contaminants), on non-ionising and ionising radiations, and on outdoor air pollution. Therefore, we assess the toxicity and potential risks related to exposure to these agents. We set up epidemiological studies to determine the impact of these agents on the population’s health. The influence of socio-economic inequalities is of primary importance in this evaluation. We also try to get a better insight in the mechanisms of diseases by measuring biological markers. Finally, we determine the genotoxic potential (gene mutations and chromosome alterations) of materials in contact with food and of plant extracts. Our assessments enable national and international health authorities to adapt their regulations on a scientific basis and to move towards more efficient public health policies.

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Chemical substances

We assess the toxicity and potential health risks related to chemical substances such as pesticides, food contaminants, materials in contact with food, and endocrine disruptors. Based on our opinions, the health authorities can take measures to eliminate or reduce their negative effects on human health. We closely follow the developments in the fields of (geno)toxicity and risk assessment. We use computer-based models and new technological tools to predict toxicity and understand their mechanisms. We measure the impact of endocrine disruptors in the largest mother-child cohort in Belgium.

Non-ionising and ionising radiations

We investigate the potential health risks of mobile phones and high-voltage power lines. We monitor the occurrence of childhood leukemia and thyroid cancer around the major nuclear sites in Belgium.

Outdoor air pollution

We assess the health effects of air pollution, for example in the Brussels-Capital Region, and those of environmental stressors such as heat. We also study the effects of climate change, green spaces and bio-diversit

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