EUVABECO - European Vaccination Beyond COVID-19

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Project duration:
January 1, 2024
June 30, 2026

In short

The EUVABECO project wants to enhance vaccination practices in the context of routine vaccination or in the event of future outbreaks within European countries. During this project, we formulate implementation plans based upon innovative practices applied during the COVID-19 pandemic, to put them into practice and validate their implementation within pilots projects such as the screening of populations for vaccination motivation, portable digital vaccination card or neutral packaging for flexible vaccine distribution. 

Project description

The project aims to build and validate implementation strategies to improve EU Member States’ vaccination practices, providing them with operational and technical tools, both for routine vaccination and in case of future outbreaks.

These practices rely on innovative approaches implemented or developed during the COVID-19 pandemic. We identify a subset of reference practices to validate the implementation strategies. 

We selected five tools upfront, belonging to five key dimensions

  • Medical – Providing a vaccination decision support system to professionals and patients; 
  • Social – Screening populations from existing databases for vaccination motivation; 
  • Industrial – Using neutral packaging with an e-leaflet for flexible vaccine distribution; 
  • Modelling and forecasting – Generating model-based evidence to predict the impact of interventions; 
  • Digital – Delivering a portable European digital vaccination card. 

We will execute and evaluate implementation strategies with pilot projects across different Member States in the European Union. 

The applied strategy undergoes validation to assess its appropriateness for the chosen practices, its transferability and sustainability for Member States, and the benefits that would arise from its implementation. 

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