Guaranteeing the health and well-being of all employees

We guarantee the health and well-being of Sciensano’s employees. We answer all employees’ questions about the application of the legislation on the welfare of employees at work. These include areas such as occupational hygiene, occupational safety, work and health, the prevention of psychosocial risks, ergonomics, the beautification of workplaces and environmental measures insofar as they have an impact on all of the above. 
Prevention at work involves much more than preventing occupational accidents and reporting near-incidents. Essentially, prevention means working with acceptable risks, that is to say, we do our utmost to minimize the risks identified. That is why we proactively contribute to the development of a dynamic risk management system in which we assess risks for each of the areas of well-being (psychosocial, health, occupational accidents, etc.). By better managing risks at work, we aim to continuously improve the safety culture at Sciensano.

With our external service for prevention and protection at work, we ensure the health of our employees.  Together, we want to be the driving force to continuously improve the quality of working conditions. In this way, we contribute to our mission of “healthy for life”!  

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A dynamic risk management system to minimize risks

The dynamic risk management system is based on the principle of participatory risk analysis. This consists of three phases:

  1. identifying hazards
  2. analyzing the risks
  3. evaluating the risks.

This risk analysis is carried out to provide appropriate preventive measures on three levels:

  • the organization as a whole
  • each group of workstations or functions
  • the individual himself/herself.

Preventative measures should contribute to the prevention of risks as a priority. If this is not possible, the measures should help to avoid damage or, as a last resort, limit it. The entire risk management process is reflected in the global prevention plan and the annual action plan. These plans set out the results of the risk analyses, the priority objectives, actions, resources and the tasks of the key players concerned.

A safety management system for the better well-being of our employees

To continuously improve the quality of working conditions, a systemic approach is necessary. For this purpose, we are developing an internal Safety Management System that complies with ISO 45001 (formerly OHSAS 18001). In this way, we want to progressively improve the well-being of employees at work.

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