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Guaranteeing compliance with quality, (bio)safety and environmental standards and the health and welfare of all employees

We are responsible for Sciensano’s quality, (bio)safety and environmental management system. We ensure that all services comply with the quality, (bio)safety and environmental guidelines, so that we are guaranteed to offer accurate analysis results and reliable advice and conclusions, with due respect for welfare at work and the environment.

To this end we organize internal audits at regular intervals to check whether the procedures that apply within our institute are being strictly followed. If shortcomings are identified, we propose corrective measures and any necessary points for improvement.

Our service also ensures the health and welfare of Sciensano employees. We perform risk assessments (psychosocial, health, occupational accidents, etc.) and detect any problematic positions. We make every effort to minimize the risks identified with vaccination campaigns, an active risk management system, preventing tobacco and alcohol at work, etc. We answer any questions from employees regarding the application of legislation and organize first aid within Sciensano. 

Finally, we monitor the Belgian laboratories that conduct tests for the registration of chemical substances (pesticides, medicinal products, etc.). The quality of these tests must satisfy the principles of “good laboratory practices (GLP)” of the OECD.

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The Royal Decree of 27 October 1988 (amended by the Royal Decree of 6 March 2002) appoints Sciensano as the responsible authority for monitoring compliance with GLPs. The inspections are carried out by our teams in the laboratories that seek certification.

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