Control of cosmetics

Cosmetics are commonly used products. They have to respond to certain quality norms and regulations, as they can be a source of adverse reactions like allergies. In Europe the quality and safety of cosmetic products is regulated by the EU cosmetic regulation 1223/2009.

Sciensano conducts several analyses for governmental institutions to check the products on the Belgian Market for their compliance to the regulation. These analyses are mainly focused on whitening agents (skin and teeth) , allergenic fragrances and the presence of preservatives. Since some of these can be a source for allergies. These analyses are applied for both products from the regular market as well as products coming from internet or illegal import.

Overview of available techniques

allergic fragrances

  • GC-MS

whitening agents (skin whitening products & teeth bleeching products)

  • LC-MS (HRAM)
  • GC-MS



Eric Deconinck for more information and prices (only for governmental institutions).

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