Control of medicines and couterfeit medicines

Diseases can only be prevented and treated if the appropriate means are at hand, that is to say, the medicines that are made available to patients. Sciensano, as National Reference Laboratory and part of the Official Medicines Control Laboratory (OMCL) network, helps the Belgian Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP) and the European authorities (EDQM) to assess these means and ensure their quality, safety and effectiveness. This assessment includes all analysis methods used for the quality check of medicines.

Next to the quality check of the regular medicines Sciensano also performs screenings and chemical characterisations of illegal and counterfeit medicines. These analyses are performed as support for court trials, but also in the context of prevention and risk evaluation. 

Techniques for analysis of medicines are conductend under accreditation. Sciensano only conducts these pharmaceutical analyses for governmental institutions.

Overview of analysed matrices

  • active pharmaceutical ingredients
  • licensed medicines
  • unlicensed medicines
  • counterfeit and illegal medicines

Overview of the available techniques

  • GC-MS
  • GC-FID
  • LC-MS/MS
  • FT_IR
  • UV
  • HPLC (UV-DAD-Fluo-RI)
  • UPLC (UV-DAD-Fluo)
  • Potentiometric titration
  • Coulometrics
  • Polarimetrics
  • Melting point determination
  • Dissolution
  • Desintegration
  • Friability
  • Conductometrics
  • pH
  • TLC
  • Western blot
  • Tests of the European Pharmacopoeia

Eric Deconinck for more information and prices (only for governmental institutions).

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