Control of suspected dietary supplements

Dietary supplements become more and more available through internet. Though, it is known that these products often do not follow the legislation and/or are adulterated. Therefore Sciensano conducts screenings and characterisations of suspected dietary supplements for governmental institutions. These analyses are performed as support for the competent authorities (withdrawal of the market, closure of website, court trials,…), but also in the context of prevention and risk evaluation and focus on the presence of medicines, designer molecules and other active ingredients (e.g. toxic herbal compounds) that should not be present in dietary supplements. 

Overview of the available techniques

  • GC-MS
  • GC-FID
  • LC-MS/MS
  • FT_IR
  • HPLC (UV-DAD-Fluo-RI)
  • UPLC (UV-DAD-Fluo)

Eric Deconinck for more information and prices (only for governmental institutions).


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