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Dr. Laure Joly PhD

Scientific Collaborator

After a Master degree in Analytical Sciences, Laure Joly obtained her PhD in Physical Chemistry at the University of Lyon (France) in 2009. Then, she joined the University of Liege for 2 years of postdoc where she continued to study the conformation of biomolecules in gas phase utilizing ion mobility — mass spectrometry techniques.

In 2012 Laure started at the WIV-ISP (the predecessor of Sciensano) as scientific collaborator in the Pesticides and Contaminants unit. Among other responsibilities, she ensures the management of the unit as NRL (National Reference Laboratory) for pesticides and as NRL for process and environmental contaminants (in collaboration with the University of Liege).

Her expertise is focused on food analysis of pesticide residues, process contaminants (PAHs, acrylamide), environmental contaminants (ndl-PCB, BFRs, PFASs) and more recently antibiotic residues via LCMS or GCMS techniques. In parallel, the unit expanded its research activities to analysis of these molecules in biological matrices (urine, mother milk, serum) and also via passive sampling devices.

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