NRL lot1 Pesticiden - National reference laboratory for pesticides

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Project duration:
January 1, 2021
December 31, 2024

In short

Our laboratory acts as the national reference laboratory (NRL) for analyses of pesticides in foodstuffs in Belgium. Our methods enable us to study simultaneously over 500 pesticides in the foodstuffs that we analyse.

Our role consists of maintaining a high level of quality and reliability during analyses of pesticides by the approved laboratories in Belgium. To ensure this is achieved, we provide them with scientific and technical support.

Project description

Thanks to our expertise, we oversee the approved laboratories that analyse our food for pesticides at the request of the FASFC. We are in charge of their scientific and technical support and monitor their analytical performance.

We develop new, innovative analytical methods designed to detect the presence of pesticide residues in our food. We study over 500 pesticides using multi-residue or specific methods (glyphosate, dithiocarbamates, chlormequat, etc.). We study pesticides in matrices of plant origin (fruit, vegetables and cereals).

We also act as the link between the approved laboratories in Belgium and our European and international counterparts in the field of pesticides for the purpose of maintaining consistency in laboratory practice.

We provide scientific and technical advice in support of the FASFC’s policy.

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