A look back at the “Joint-efforts for pathogen genomics in public health surveillance” symposium

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Wednesday, May 18, 2022
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The “Joint-efforts for pathogen genomics in public health surveillance” symposium was successfully held on May 4, recording 160 registrations. 

This symposium was organized within the framework of the .BE READY project. The objective of this project was to implement a multidisciplinary approach and create a network of experts in order to improve the surveillance of infectious diseases with the help of cutting-edge technologies, such as high-throughput sequencing. 

Thanks to the hybrid nature of the event, 90 participants could follow online in addition to the 70 participants that registered for attendance at the venue. Members of Belgian and foreign universities, sister institutes, competent authorities, the European Commission and private companies were present, as well as participants from all scientific directions of Sciensano.

During this event, Dr. Tim Dallman (University of Utrecht) lectured on specific case studies, advantages and challenges of routine genomic surveillance of gastrointestinal pathogens. In addition, several Sciensano researchers involved in the .BE READY project presented their contributions to the field. 

The event marked the formal end of the .BE READY project, but it is only the beginning for the collaborations and innovations that have been fostered.

The organization comitee 

  • Dr. Nancy Roosens (.BE READY project coordinator, Transversal activities in Applied Genomics (TAG)) 
  • Dr. Marie-Alice Fraiture (TAG)
  • Dr. Sigrid De Keersmaecker (TAG)
  • Dr. Kevin Vanneste (TAG)
  • Dr. Ann Ruttens (Strategy and External Positioning (SEP))

Videos made in the framework of the .BE READY project

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