New challenges within metrology discussed during IMEKOFOODS

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Friday, January 10, 2020
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From Monday 16 to Wednesday 18 September, IMEKOFOODS4 took place, the 4th ‘International conference for Metrology in Food and Nutrition’ at the satellite location of Sciensano in Tervuren. 100 international scientists attended this 3 day event.

New technologies and emerging concerns create new challenges within metrology (study of measurement) in terms of standardization, harmonization and to assess the uncertainties of their data. Moreover, there is an increasing need of data and knowledge sharing, strengthening the application of the FAIR data principle (findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable).

The 4th IMEKOFOODS conference discussed metrological issues in the area of measurement as well as data on food quality, integrity, safety and nutrition were discussed, with an emphasis on new technologies. These formed the basis of the symposium program.

Sciensano’s Scientific Directorate for Chemical and Physical Health Risks and Imeko TC 23 welcomed more than 100 scientists, sponsors and keynote speakers. They exchanged their scientific results and latest findings in the field of:

  • food quality
  • food integrity
  • food safety
  • food traceability and
  • nutrition

Their abstracts were included in the “book of abstracts”.

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