WEnvHum - Exploration of environmental and human biomonitoring data during chemical contamination

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Project duration:
September 1, 2016
August 30, 2017

In short

Following the derailment of a train carrying chemicals in Wetteren on 4 May 2013, a massive amount of information and data were collected to protect the population by reducing potential exposure risks. The setting of priorities at the decision and action-levels is essential in such an environmental crisis situation. Good collaboration and fast communication are key elements. In this context, the project aims to explore the added values of an integrated approach to environmental health tools as part of health impact assessments.

Project description

This project is aimed at:

  1. Characterising exposure risks by exploring the different routes of exposure of the population concerned;
  2. Studying potential associations between the measured airborne values of the pollutant under investigation and the public health data from questionnaires and human biomonitoring.

The exploration and study of the links between these different variables is based on

  • analysis of the available literature, databases and any reports available that address the issue of different assumptions about exposure and chemical contamination of the local population;
  • analysis in time and space of airborne chemical concentrations; and
  • a study describing the links between exposure and health effects.

This study will lead to the development of a working methodology incorporating different tools to assist in the decision-making process in assessments of health impacts and exposure to chemical pollutants released into the environment during crisis situations.

The project results will be disseminated mainly through scientific articles and communications at one or more conferences.

Sciensano's project investigator(s):

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Catherine Bouland
Michele Rasoloharimahefa

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