Best-ReMaP - Joint Action on Implementation of Validated Best Practices in Nutrition in Europe

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Project duration:
October 1, 2020
September 30, 2023

In short

The main focus of the Best-ReMaP Joint Action is to adapt, replicate and implement effective health interventions, based on proven practices in the areas of food reformulation, framing of food marketing and public procurement of healthy food in public settings. This will contribute to an increased offer of healthier options of processed foods (by reducing salt, sugar and fat from the processed foods) available in EU (super)markets.

Project description

The Joint Action implements a European Standardised Monitoring system for the reformulation of processed foods for countries with and without existing systems. Work on the monitoring system for reformulation initiatives is based on the European Joint Action on Nutrition and Physical Activity (JANPA) result, on the EUREMO Study on EU Reformulation Monitoring, and experiences from countries that already have a monitoring system in place, such as Belgium. 

Sciensano contributes to comparisons between different approaches to monitoring, with the aim of improving efficiency and sustainability of monitoring efforts across the EU Member States. The Joint Action also aims to deliver a harmonised EU approach to reducing unhealthy (digital) food marketing to children and adolescents and to use already developed tools for harmonised monitoring of (digital) marketing.

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