CBRNe Center - Representation of Sciensano to the CBRNe expertise centrum of the National Crisis Centre

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Project duration:
February 5, 2019
Project with no end date

In short

Sciensano is partner of the CBRNe (incidents involving chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear agents, eventually with the use of explosives) expertise center of the National Crisis Center, which is a cross-sectoral federal platform to better collaborate in case of a CBRNe incident and operationalise the emergency plans. 

Project description

The CBRNe Expertise Center is a unique platform to improve collaboration across responders among different sectors in Belgium, aiming at strengthening the national preparedness and response to CBRN incidents.

The active representation of Sciensano at the CBRNe Expertise Center improves the visibility of Sciensano and offers opportunities for collaboration beyond the health sector, in the context of an efficient crisis preparedness and response national network.

This project’s main outcomes include :

  • National emergency planning operationalisation (doctrine)
  • Real CBRN incidents follow-up & debriefing
  • Suspicious objects procedure coordination
  • Capacities inventory and stockpiling
  • Scenarios & risk assessment 

Sciensano's project investigator(s):

Service(s) working on this project


Hans De Neef
Nino Van Impe
Aurian Breuls de Tiecken
Florentine Stassen
Stéphanie Mali
Stijn Van Kerckhove
Jan Beeldens
Johann Thieffry
Petra Wilems

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